Calibrated Underpacking Paper

Calibrated Underpacking Paper Marks-3Zet

For an optimum printing result in the offset printing process, among others, the absolutely even pressure of the printing cylinders against the entire area is the decisive factor. Irregularities lead to stripes or cloudy spot, to thrusting and folding, to fluctuating dot gain etc. Underpacking sheets having different thicknesses ensure the proper pressure.

The accurate and uniform property of the papers as far as possible with regard to density, surface and thickness is important. No willingness to compromise in the precision: marks-3zet underpacking sheets are manufactured in accordance with ISO Standards for calibrated materials.

Each thickness has a different colour which allows a quick identification.

Cream0,10 mm
Light Orange0,125 mm
Brown 0,15 mm
Pink0,175 mm
Green0,20 mm
Orange0,25 mm
Lemon Yellow0,30 mm
Blue0,40 mm
Grey0,50 mm

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