Varnishing plates Folacoat

Folacoat Varnishing Plates

Premium Line

The Premium Line range offers the highest performance and best reuse. The improvement of the productivity and the efficiency of the transfer of varnish in the packaging printing companies is the focus of these products.

Universal transfer polymers offer the perfect surface for easy transfer of the varnish. Even in LED-UV and H-UV applications the best results can be achieved. The ink retention effect during the printing process is significantly reduced. The washing intervals of the plates are reduced, resulting in longer production times.

-Folacoat Extreme 1.15 mm – 1.35 mm
-Folacoat Plus 1.15 mm – 1.35 mm
-Folacoat Ultra T 1.95 mm

Eco Line

The products of the Eco line are characterized by a good performance and reuse in the varnishing process. Smaller production series requirements are well met with products from the Eco line.

Improving productivity and efficiency in printing processes is achieved in a special way. The properties of the selected transfer polymers are adapted to these requirements and guarantee a good coating result.

-Folacoat Advance 1.15 mm – 1.35 mm
-Folacoat Basic 1.15 mm – 1.35 mm
-Folacoat Easyspot 0.90 mm – 1.10 mm
-Folacoat Flex 1.35 mm

Selecta Line

The products of this line are characterized by excellent performance and coating properties. Productivity and quality are focused on this product.

-Folacoat Diamond 1.15 mm – 1.35 mm
-Folacoat Pearl 1.15 mm – 1.35 mm

Compressible blankets for veneering plates Folacoat


The Folacomp range has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The content of tear-resistant fabrics is considerably reduced compared to the compressible rubber blankets. The large number of thicknesses available makes it possible to use a single layer of material in combination with the Folacoat varnishing plate.

-Folacomp F
Non-adhesive version of the compressible and flexible blanket with multiple layers of foam and fast recovery fabric.
Thickness: 1.20 mm – 1.35 mm – 1.50 mm – 1.70 mm – 1.85 mm – 2.10 mm

-Folacomp FA
Compact and self-adhesive version of the Folacomp version.
Thickness: 1.20 mm – 1.70 mm – 2.10 mm

-Folacomp PA
Self-adhesive version reinforced with a dimensionally stable polyester foil.
Thickness: 1.45 mm – 1.95 mm – 2.00 mm – 2.10 mm