Graphic sleeves for dampening rollers

Graphic sleeves for dampening rollers

We offer an extensive range of qualities for self-made damper and fountain dampening rollers. That allows us to satisfy the market requirements


R – Loop Cotton
RE – Elastic Cotton
FBO/FBQ – Plush Cotton
E-NK & RA – Shrinkable Cotton
N KM – Shrinkable Cotton/Synthetic
S – Synthetic
SC – Plush Synthetic
SE – Elastic Synthetic
RSR, RSKV & N KV – Shrinkable Synthetic
RSR-C -Plush Shrinkable Synthetic
P & PF – Knitting
PE – Elastic Knitting
TRR – Shrinkable Elastic Knitting
TE – Elastic Fabric


Circumference from 80 mm
to 380 mm

Diameter from 25 mm
to 121 mm

Wide flat from 40 mm
to 190 mm

Presented in bobbins of 30 m approximately

There is a possibility of a personalized presentation with a previous agreement.

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